Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail recipe

The Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail is Perhaps one of the finest summer cocktails. First appeared around 1900 in the village of Daiquiri near Santiago, in Cuba from where it got its name. The daiquiri became popular in the 1940s, wartime, when trade with Latin America, the Caribbean and Cuba opened and entered the rum in USA. In a few years cocktail Daiquiri became fashionable ...

Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail recipe
Recipe Ingredients: 

40 ml white rum
15 ml fresh lime juice
1 teaspoon brown sugar or sugar syrup
3-4 strawberries

Implementation Time: 
Main Ingredient: 
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Recipe Execution: 

Add lime juice, sugar and strawberries to a cocktail shaker.
Use a cocktail muddler tomuddle the ingredients.
Add rum and fill shaker with ice and shake well.
Strain into a chilled martini glass.
Finally garnish with a strawberry or with a slice of lime for the aesthetic part of the strawberry daiquiri cocktail recipe.

Recipe Notes: 

Optionally add sugar around the rim of the glass.