Caipirissima cocktail

The cocktail Caipirissima is an other variation of the well known Brazilian cocktail caipirinha. The difference between the coctails Caipirissima and Caipirinha, is found only in the main ingredient where we use rum instead of cachaca to implement the recipe.

Caipirissima cocktail recipe
Recipe Ingredients: 

50 ml Rum
1/2 Lime
1+1/2 teaspoon brown sugar

Implementation Time: 
Main Ingredient: 
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Recipe Execution: 

Pour lime and sugar in an old fashion glass and use a cocktail muddler to muddle the ingredients.
Fill the glass with crushed ice and add the Rum.
Stir and serve with 2 short straws.
Garnish with a piece of lime.
The Caipirissima cocktail is ready!